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Simple operating system detection method for Python

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What is OSDetect?

OSDetect is a small python module which is able to get some information about your system and python implementation, like the Operating System or the hardware platform.

Supported operating systems

As of now, only GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Windows NT and Windows NT/Cygwin are supported. At the moment, I’m working on support for a wider range of operating systems.

Since version 1.1.0, Python 2 and Python 3 are both supported.

Note that the information available on the different platforms may differ.

Installation instructions

Since OSDetect uses setuptools, you simply need to run

python install

Command Line Usage

OSDetect includes a function which is executed if the module is directly called. So give it a try and run:

python -m OSDetect

Example uses of the module

# Get a dict containing all gathered information
from OSDetect import info as os_info

# Get a specific value
print("Distribution:   "+os_info.getDistribution())
# or using the dict key (a dot means a dict containing a dict)
print("Python.Version: "+os_info.get("Python.Version"))

On a ArchLinux system, it looks like this:

	'Distribution': 'Arch Linux',
	'Machine': 'i686',
	'OS': 'Linux',
	'OSVersion': '4.14.11-1.0-ARCH',
	'Python': {
		'Implementation': 'CPython',
		'Version': '3.6.4'

Python.Version: 3.6.4